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Azorean Pioneers in Canada
Tour of Terceira

Final Day of Trip in Terceira Island

View from Angra Garden
Angra Cathedral and Downtown Area

Downtown Square of Angra
The Man with the Roasted Chestnuts


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Biscoitos Wine Museum
Good Wine was sipped at this Wine Cellar

     On the last day of their trip, the group visited several other points of interest in Terceira and had lunch in S. Sebastiao at "A Ilha" restaurant.  Dinner was at Angra Garden Hotel and the final entertainment show was back at S. Bento Social Centre where the Senior Citizen Women of Porto Judeu performed a carnaval dance, Terceira style to all present at the centre.  At the end of the evening everyone embraced the pioneers, gifts were exchanged and bid farewell for the hospitality during their stay in Terceira.

Carnaval Dance of Port Judeu
All characters performed by Women Seniors

     The next morning, we transferred to the Lajes airport, boarded our plane to S. Miguel and made our connecting flight on SATA Internacional back to Toronto.  It was a week of unforgettable memories where many stories were told that occured during the last 50 years.   

The Happy Pioneers
Posing in Ribeirinha Range

50 Years of Emigration Azores - Canada
Book Tribute to Pioneers by the Azores Region

Trip to Azores by Group of Azorean Pioneers
Video of the activities in the Three Islands

A Special thanks to:
Dr. Alzira Serpa Silva,
Director of Azorean Communities Abroad.