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Azorean Pioneers in Canada
Arrival in Terceira

Terceira - The Island of Jesus Christ

View from Plane - Pico Mountain above Clouds
Highest Portuguese Mountain - 2351 Metres

City of Angra do Heroismo
Nominated World Patrimony by UNESCO in 1986


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Lunch in Angra, Terceira
Restaurant "Adega Lusitania"

     The next morning we transferred to the airport in Faial and took a plane to Terceira island.  Upon arriving in Lajes, we travelled to the city of Angra and checked into the newly renovated Angra Garden Hotel in the center of the city.  We had lunch in the typical restaurant "Adega Lusitania" and then went for views of Angra Bay atop Monte Brasil.  Later in the afternoon, the city of Praia da Vitoria was our next destination for a short tour through the cobbled streets.
     Praia is a very young city with one of the best beaches of the Azores Islands.  A viewpoint from the Riviera, offers a magnificent view of the city and the entire coast.

Cathedral Church of Praia da Vitoria
Constructed during the 15th Century

Visit to Museum of Matches in Terra Cha
Thousands of Unique Matchboxes Exhibited

     During the evening at S. Bento Social Centre, we were entertained by their Folclore Group who displayed traditional dances from Terceira.  Their Instrumental and Choir also serenaded us with original songs and local melodies.  The evening terminated with some "Cantigas ao Desafio", traditional song duels by two or more singers.  One of the pioneers, Jaime Barbosa accompanied the musicians by playing an acoustic guitar. 

Visit to B2,3 School in Angra
Conference by Prof. J.C. Teixeira & Pioneers

     The following day, Thursday the 20th of November, the pioneers visited the B2,3 School in Angra where Prof. J.C. Teixeira held a conference on immigration and the pioneer adventures.  Questions were asked by the students, directed at the pioneers who in turn answered about their experiences.  Following this interaction, we had lunch at S. Bento Social Centre organized by the volunteers and directors of this center.  A large majority of their senior citizens were present for the occasion and intermingled with the pioneers and the spouses.  In the evening, a visit was made to the Matches Museum, one of a kind collection of match boxes from all over the country. 

The Tuna Ensmble - Choir of S. Bento S.C.
Young & Old, Men & Women form the Group

Night of Music & Folclore
The Musicians of S. Bento Social Centre