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Azorean Pioneers in Canada
Tour of Faial

The Morning Began with Rain, Wind & Fog

Foggy, Windy & Rainy Day
View of the city of Horta & it's Marina

Volcanic Crater of Faial
Exiting Tunnel from Crater - Too Foggy


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Windmill facing Pico Mountain
Typical Windmills of Faial

     On Tuesday, November the 18th, we began our tour around the island of Faial.  It was a windy, foggy and rainy morning when the bus picked us up.  Our first stop was at Espalamaca, a high terrace where the city of Horta can be admired as well as its harbour and port.  Pico mountain could barely be seen due to the weather conditions.  Our next stop was at the Caldeira - the volcanic crater.  It too was deeply covered with fog and mist making it impossible to view the interior.  This crater is 400 meters deep and 2km in diameter.  It is one of the island's attractions which is now a natural reserve, surrounded by blue hydrangeas and other flowers and plants. 

The Lighthouse Tower of Capelinhos
Ruins of Volcano Eruption of 1956 - 57

     From the Caldeira, we visited Ponta dos Capelinhos.  This is where the volcano eruption from 1956 - 1957 took place.  It destroyed all vegetation in the area, covered the houses in ash and left the only remnant of the area standing - the lighthouse tower which is in ruins.  The area looks like a desert as plantation is slowly beginning to germinate.  Lunch was in Varadouro, a thermal place and bath zone.  After a hearty lunch, we visited the volcano exhibit and an arts & craft centre.  Everyone was having an extremely good time.  None of the pioneers had ever been to this island before.  Our tour ended back at the hotel where we had dinner and began packing for our next island hop.