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Azorean Pioneers in Canada
Arrival in Faial

The Third day takes us to Faial Island

SATA Air Azores - The Inter-Island Airline
Arriving in Faial from S. Miguel

Pico Island and its Majestic Mountain
View from my room at Hotel Horta


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Horta's Harbour & Marina
Yachts from all over the world dock here

     Upon arriving in Faial, we were transferred to our hotel in the city of Horta.  We relaxed for a couple of hours and then had lunch with Alzira Serpa Silva, the director of Azorean Communities Abroad.   Parliament, the seat of the Azorean Government is located here in Faial.  Horta's Harbour is one of the most important in the world  as Yachts from all over the world stop here as they cross the Atlantic Ocean. 
     On this trip to the Azores, several media members from Canada travelled with the group to document this historical trip.  From Surrey, B.C., Gabriela Madeira representing the radio program "Sons Lusitanos".  From Montreal, Quebec, Norberto Aguiar representing the newspaper "Luso-Presse".  From Toronto, Ontario, Jose Ferreira representing the site "" and myself Cesar Pedro, photographer & videographer representing the television program "Gente da Nossa" TV.  Also aboard was University Professor, Jose Carlos Teixeira, who has extensively studied the portuguese communities in Canada.      

Dr. Fernando Meneses
President of General Assembly

Legislative Assembly of the Azores
The Pioneers listening to the President