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Azorean Pioneers in Canada
Tour of S. Miguel

Visit to Natural Sites & Furnas "Cozido"

Gorreana Tea Plantation
Entering factory for tour & tasting

Gorreana Tea Tasting
Pioneers A. Couto, M. Vieira & J. Barbosa


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In Furnas Valley & Furnas Lagoon
Walking by cooking holes in ground

     On the second day of our jorney, we began the morning with a tour in a luxury coach and made a stop at the Gorreana Tea Plantation to tour the factory and do some tea tasting.

Is the "Cozido" ready?
Waiting for our food to be unearthed from ground

     Our next destination was the enchanting Furnas Valley with its beautiful lakes, hot springs, pools & gardens.  At 12:30pm sharp, the "cozidos" where unearthed where they have been cooking naturally for approximately 6 hours.  We viewed the procedure and then strolled for a bit as we smelled the aroma of the sulfur from the springs.  We hopped on our bus and headed to the Terra Nostra Hotel where we would be served our lunch.

At Hotel Terra Nostra & Restaurant
Eating the Delicious "Cozido" of Furnas

     After our hearty lunch and a few good bottles of Portuguese wine, we went for a walk to the "fumaroles" & "caldeiras" and tasted the spring waters - some natural and others carbonated.  Furnas Valley has more than twenty thermal water springs which makes it one of the richest hydrological places in the world. 
     On the way back to the city of Ponta Delgada, we stopped to view the beautiful Fire Lagoon, another extinct volcanic crater which is now a natural reserve.  In the city our final visit was the chapel of Christ the King of Miracles at the Esperanca Convent.

The Geysers of the Furnas Valley
Hot Springs Everywhere - Volcano Still Active

Posing by the Hot Springs in Furnas
The Eight Pioneers of '53

Remembering the good old days
Afonso Tavares & wife, resting with Joao Martins

Siteseeing in Ribeira Grande
The Fire Lagoon - Lagoa do Fogo

The Chapel of the Convent of Esperanca
Visiting Senhor Santo Cristo dos Milagres