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4 Women & a Car
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4 Women and a Car Exhibit

By: Nellie Pedro

The "4 Women & a Car" exhibit, features some of the women that I know and admire. Each photograph focuses on the central part of the women, her head. I encourage you to look, admire, and appreciate their features. Look into their eyes and see the soul, heart, and mind. Look at their mouth and listen to what they have to say. Look at each face and you will see love, respect, individuality and uniqueness. Each of the different images is fashioned to perform the same function, but the meaning created by each picture is unique. The women photographed relinquish their individuality: we identify with them as one. In the context of the exhibit, we see them as unified spatially. This unity is not only visual, it stems from the common cultural space shared by these women. This is what I am exploring with this exhibit.

Who the woman is, what she does, sees, looks, thinks, hears, speaks is all conveyed in the photograph. Her eyes refuse, attract, speak or remain silent. It all comes from the most important part of the woman, her head. How a woman looks from the neck down is affected by her mind. The stick-figures represent how I see every woman in this exhibit. I appreciate, respect and admire all for who they are in their own mind.

The color pink in this exhibit is the only physical thread that they all have in common. At some point in our lives we, women, have all worn pink. The color pink is a code common to many Western societies to separate physical appearance between boys and girls. All of our mothers made sure we wore pink as babies, as well as young children.

Why pink? The color pink is soothing. Pink is soothing on all levels, physical, mental and emotional. It is used to calm conditions of anger and feelings of neglect. Pink also awakens compassion, love and purity. It is comforting to the emotional energies of the individual. This might explain why some of us still like pink today.

My "4 Women & a Car" figures are all holding hands, which I encourage all women to do. A sign of unity, friendship, love, comfort. Connect, bond, be united and protective of women of all ages. The little girls of today are the women of tomorrow. Women are the mothers of human beings.

The title of my exhibit "4 Women & a Car" comes from a personal experience with three of my girl/women friends. I always enjoyed honest friendships with my girlfriends. Going out or staying in with your lady/girl friends is a heartening, learning, and enjoyable experience. Women need to and should go out more often with their women friends. Get in a car or public transit or take a walk with your lady friends. Find out how beautiful women are, and learn from one another. Respect, enjoy and admire all women.

Only women can truly understand women.

Happy Womens Day

Nellie Pedro